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Welcome to
the fiction that
changes the world

We live in a world in which advertising campaigns, corporate messages, newsletters, articles, videos, mails and posts compete for our attention to transmit their messages. This overload of information, grows tiring and in turn generates a paradoxical phenomenon that is reflected in the fact that, despite the accessibility of information, we are little or poorly informed.

We created FCW to transmit important information and messages in an entertaining way, and to do so in the preferred format of the 21st century: audiovisual fiction.

Set up, confrontation, resolution.

Characters that inspire.

FCW claims fiction as a legitimate tool to transmit serious and complex messages and therefore we create wonderful fictional stories with the intention of making social impact.

Since the caveman days, relevant information has been transmitted through stories: fables, morals, stories, parables…
Our brain organizes information in the manner of stories.

The human being learns much better through storytelling which is a pleasurable experience in the process.

To reach the public, stories are the most attractive vehicle and the most effective way to convey complex ideas.

There is vast scientific evidence about the correlation between emotion and learning, audiovisual fiction allows us to exploit this correlation to the maximum.

FCW applies Social and Learning Sciences in its scripts while delighting their audience with an entertainment product.

Fiction is a serious matter.