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What is Fiction
Changing the
World (FCW)

Fiction Changing the World is specialized in sustainable audiovisual productions, working both in reducing the negative impact of productions, and in creating fiction and entertainment formats that convey important information about Sustainble Development to the viewers.

The audiovisual industry usually works on a project by project basis. It creates film sets for shootings with a very short lifespan and hires crews for short periods of time, consuming large amounts of resources and generating negative impacts for the Enviroment and society.

Reducing the negative impact of productions and maximizing the positive impact, thus becomes an important and feasible goal for all audiovisual professionals.

On the other hand, the audiovisual industry’s capacity to convey messages to society and its accelerated growth in recent times, make this medium and important channel for change.

Set up, confrontation, resolution.

Characters that inspire.

FCW vindicates fiction as a legitimate tool for transmitting serious and complex messages and with that idea in mind we have created a new Audiovisual Movement, the Dante Movement, which constitutes a new work methodology to create fiction screenplays that bring to the public the human challenges.

To aspire to have a better world, we must be able to imagine it first, that’s why at FCW, using the Dante Movemen’s methodology, we intend to fill the screens with stories that inspire, inform and allow viewers to imagine the world in which they would like to live so they can start fighting for it.

Welcome to the fiction
that changes the world.